• 分類| 再生建築・改修・耐震
  • 竣工年月日|Years:2011年2月
  • 設計工期|Years:2010年1月〜2011年2月
  • 延べ床面積|Scale:253.86㎡
  • 用途| Category:集合住宅|Apartment
  • 構造規模|Scale:

    鉄筋コンクリート造一部鉄骨造 地下1階 地上4階 塔屋1階

  • 所在地|Place:東京都港区三田4-17-19
  • 受賞:グッドデザイン賞


This 40 year-old small building in Isaragozaka has no record about the building itself as if the past was deleted. I investigated it under the condition that if I could not estimate receiving an inspection certificate, I could cancel the sales contract. For the result of the investigation, I found this small building could be revived. Then, I owned it and embarked on the project.
There were no drawings, no structural drawings and no structural calculation sheets that is why I could not know the building is appropriate or not. I have investigated the skeleton includes the foundation and restored structural drawings and architectural drawings.
According to those drawings, I planed to insert earthquake resisting walls. To make an opening in the south, I established wing walls there and established earthquake resisting walls in the other sides. Moreover, a concrete shaft for elevator is one of earthquake resistant elements. By the result of structural calculation based on these plan, I received an earthquake resistant evaluation based on the law and submitted an application for building confirmation.
I tried to switch to environment conscious building on this project. To make it more comfortable, I applied natural draft in the duplex dwelling, both of exterior and interior insulation, and heat barrier by green roof. Those environment conscious measures contribute to save the energy. Furthermore, for the purpose of resistant concrete neutralization, I sandwiched the skeleton by the finishings. Actually, that finishings has temperature and humidity adjustment function, therefore, there became more comfortable dwellings.
In addition, I used some kinds of subsidy from Minato ward, Tokyo for the reviving construction, applying of EcoCute for saving energy, using high reflection paint against sunlight, roof green, and rainwater using system and more. As a result, I was able to serve approximately 12% of the construction cost by those subsidies.
The small building did not have any drawings, calculation sheets and also actual value as real estate, is finally certificated by the inspection certificate and regained its value by the reviving construction. I had borrowers for the rental dwellings when the time of completion, I am paying back based on the business plan. I am sure I could create a new model of housing reviving in urban area.